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The Washington Post News Service with Bloomberg News started as the partnership of two great names in media, providing editors everywhere the content they need to make a difference for readers and users.  

But WPBloom is now more than the sum of its parts. Editors receive full access to over 60 regular columns and features bearing the impeccable credentials of  Slate, Foreign Policy, and The Root, in addition to those of The Washington Post and Bloomberg News.

WPBloom is smart. Incisive. The best in journalism. Our pricing is affordable and our service is second to none. 

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Contributing Media

With extensive coverage from Washington and around the world, the Washington Post brings its arsenal of prize-winning journalists-reporters, photographers, graphic artists - to your newsroom. Visit The Washington Post
More than a business wire, Bloomberg News Covers politics and lifestyle issues through its bureaus in most major world cities and U.S. state capitals. Visit Bloomberg News
Foreign Policy articles bring stature and quality to op-ed pages and weekend opinion sections with cutting-edge commentary and analysis from experts in international relations. Visit Foreign Policy
As fresh as the Digital Age that spawned it, Slate delivers news, analysis, blogs and standing features plus book, movie and television reviews that entertain as well as inform. Visit Slate
The Japan News is the English-language edition of The Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s leading newspaper with a daily circulation of nearly 10 million. Visit The Japan News
The Root brings distinguished journalism dedicated to exploring the African-American experience. Visit The Root

Included Features

Delivery Options

AP Delivery Text delivery via WebFeeds and Exchange.
WPBloom Online Text and art may be downloaded from our password-secure site.
Email Delivery Articles are automatically emailed on a real-time basis.
FTP Delivery Stories and images delivered via FTP-push or -pull.
NewsCom Delivery This third-party commercial delivery service offers Internet access to WPBloom text and art.